Neymar and Barcelona

nFor months now, the press talks about the future of Neymar to Barça. For knowledgeable in football, the Brazilian player is considered the Star of the future. Until now, it has shown that it has great quality. However, it’s not the same play in Brazil than in Europe. The Brazilian has not highlighted in the most important matches for Brazil.
Great Brazilian players, before arriving at club, have passed to other clubs in Europe where exigency is lower. For example, Ronaldinho played in PSG and Romario or Ronaldo highlighted at PSV Eindhoven before landing in Barcelona.
Another concern is his character. The affinity among the players is now almost impossible to improve. The team is perfectly set and it seems that every player has clear his role. And they know, too, that the leader is Messi. Although there has notoriously troubled, neither has the discretion of Xavi, Iniesta and Messi. The break of this harmony sure that concerns many people. Another factor to consider is the price to pay for it.
So, we can’t doubt about the quality of Neymar. However, before to decide, the Club has to think if he can fit perfectly into the team.


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